Brews Supply is proud to be associated with the following organizations:

Electro Federation Canada (EFC)

As a national, not-for-profit industry association, its five councils represent over 300 member companies that manufacture, distribute, and service electrical, electronics, and telecommunications products. EFC is a broadly-based association and represents its member companies provincially, federally, and internationally on a variety of issues affecting the electro-technical businesses. In addition, EFC collects and disseminates cost-effective, comprehensive market data on behalf of its member companies.

Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA)

The ECAA is the electrical industry’s information centre and what happens legislatively is of the utmost importance to the Associations’ Membership. Since 1967 the Association has represented contractors at all levels of Government.

Alberta Electric Association (AEA)

The Alberta Electrical Association is an organization whose membership is open to companies and practitioners of every facet of the electrical industry in the province of Alberta. Its purpose is to promote the entire electric industry by identifying opportunities to raise the public profile of the industry, and to explore ways to develop and market new and existing business prospects for its members. This is achieved via trade shows; seminars; conferences; marketing and educational programs, and promotions run by, or on behalf of, various segments of the industry, using the promotional strength and capabilities of the entire industry.

AEA – Calgary Region / Capital Region Electric Club (CREC)

The AEA – Calgary Region and CREC are regional membership bodies of the Alberta Electric Association whose mandate is to promote social events locally on behalf of the AEA.

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